American alligator underwater photograph

Alligators and Caimans: Alligatoridae, American Alligator, American alligator: Alligator mississippiensis, Crocodilia, FL, Florida, Florida Alligator, Marine Life, Reptiles, Reptilia, USA, United States, adult, blue, body - partial, close focus / wide angle, copyrighted, curious, front-side profile, green, heavy body, horizontal, landscape, larger than 56 inches, marine, marsh, mature, ocean, reptile, split shot, swamp, tan, underwater, underwater photo, wide angle

The American alligator is the largest reptile in North America. It feeds on fish, mammals, birds, and other reptiles. The American alligator can reach a length of up to 18 feet and weigh 600 lbs. This unique underwater photograph of an American alligator was taken by closely approaching the alligator and submersing the camera half in the water.