Pederson cleaner shrimp cleaning behavior (Periclimenes pederson

1 -3 inches, Arthropods: Arthropoda, Crustaceans: Crustacea, Invertebrates, Marine Life, Pederson cleaner shrimp: Pederson's cleaner shrimp: Periclimenes, adult, blue, body - full, copyrighted, crustacean, front profile, macro, marine, mature, ocean, odd-shaped, portrait, purple, super macro, swimming, underwater, underwater photo, vertical, white

The pederson cleaner shrimp cleaning behavior is quite unique. In order to display to potential clients its interest in cleaning, the pederson shrimp (Periclimenes pedersoni) rocks its body side to side and waves its white antennas. This unique dance helps make the pederson cleaner shrimp presence known to nearby fish.