Cushion sea star and bait fish

13 - 24 inches, Atlantic Ocean, BEHAVIOR, Echinoderms: Echinodermata, FL, Florida, Invertebrates, Laz Ruda, Lazaro Ruda Wildlife Photographer, MARINE LIFE, Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Sea Stars: Asteroids: Asteroidea,, USA, West Palm Beach, [LOCATION], adult, bait ball, bait fish, baitball, benthic, benthos, body - full, bottom, close focus - wide angle, close focus wide angle, cushion sea star: Oreaster reticulatus, floor, green, irregular, macro wide angle, marine, ocean, portrait, protection, sand, school, schooling fish, sea floor, silver, teal, underwater, underwater photo, vertical, wide angle, wide angle macro, yellow

Sea stars have no blood. They use filtered sea water to pump nutrients through their nervous system.