Seahorse birth in the wild

Blue Heron Bridge, Bony Fishes: Osteichthyes, FL, Fishes, Florida, Marine Life, Palm Beach County, Phil Foster Park, Seahorses, Syngathidae, Sygnathidae, Singer Island, USA, United States, West Palm Beach, copyrighted, lined seahorse: Hippocampus erectus, macro, marine, muck, ocean, portrait, spawning, underwater, underwater photo, vertical, pregnancy

This rare photograph of a seahorse birth in the wild was taken during a muck dive in West Palm Beach, FL. The MALE seahorse, with a brood pouch full of eggs deposited by a female, is left in charge of incubation for up to 24 days. During this short birthing event the pregnant male seahorse released over a hundred fully developed baby seahorses into the water column. Learn more about seahorse pregnancy.