Photograph of coral polyps releasing their gametes during coral

080822, Anthozoans: Anthozoa, Cnidarians: Cnidaria, Faviidae, Faviina, Hexacorals: Hexacorallia, Invertebrates, Marine Life, Mountainous star coral: Montastraea faveolata, Stony Corals: Scleractina: Scleractinia, copyrighted, coral, egg, horizontal, landscape, macro, marine, ocean, spawning, underwater, underwater photo

This photograph shows a number of coral polyps at the exact moment when they release their gametes (eggs and sperm) into the ocean. This once a year event happens during different times throughout the world’s oceans. Scientist have not been able to determine exactly what triggers a coral to spawn, but it is believed to be a mix between water temperature, lunar, tidal, and light cycles.