Lazaro “Laz” Ruda was raised in South Florida and has spent his entire life near the ocean. At an early age his unwarranted fears of the ocean’s mysteries evolved into an endless fascination during his visits to Key West and Singer Island. Floating below him was an alien world waiting to be discovered.

Photo credits (clockwise from the left): Mike Scott, Cassie Jensen, Selfie, Mike Walker, Mike Walker

Over forty years later, this love affair for the ocean has developed into an obsession. Whether he is on an ocean adventure or reading books on its natural history few things capture his attention with such an invigorating passion. Every immersion elicits the fascination he felt as a small boy dipping his head underwater for the very first time.

It is through this web site that he hopes to share with you the wonder of this incredible world as he sees it. His hope is that his images and stories will help you understand our amazing ocean planet a little better and his passion and admiration for the natural world becomes your own.