Swim with Manatees :: January 25th – 27th, 2013

Thursday, 8th of November 2012



The opportunity to swim with manatees is one of the many pleasures of exploring the aquatic world. These gentle giants will leave you with an everlasting smile and memories you will never forget. Our manatee adventures in Crystal River, Florida will give you the opportunity of swimming with manatees and much more.

Join us on our two day adventure as we visit some of the best places in Florida to have a wild manatee encounter. Best of all, no experience or scuba certification is required. Our years of experience and knowledge will help you have the best encounter.

090226-115501-0166.jpgBut the manatee experience is only half the fun. Join us on a dive through the cavern at King’s Spring. If you are scuba certified you can enjoy a guided tour through this beautiful cavern down to 50 feet. King’s Spring has large schools of mangrove snappers, tarpon, and numerous other fish. There are manatees here, too! You can snorkel around King’s Spring if you prefer not to dive.

The fun is not over yet! Drift along the magnificent Rainbow River. The crystal-clear springs of Rainbow River are loaded with fish and aquatic plants. Search for turtles hiding in the sea grass. Come face to face with the odd-looking gar fish. You can choose to either dive or snorkel this part of the adventure.

To help you remember and cherish this special manatee trip we will include a free copy of your underwater adventures produced by TheLivingSea.

We have put together a complete package which includes the following activities:

Day 1 (Jan. 25th)

3:00PM – Hotel check-in opens
4:30PM MANDATORY meeting at American Pro Dive Center in Crystal River, FL to complete your paperwork and review the rules for interacting with manatees.

Day 2 (Jan. 26th)

Snorkeling with manatees at Three Sisters springs. *Site may change depending on weather and conditions.
Dive in King’s Spring cavern
Dive or snorkel in Rainbow River
Optional group dinner at a local restaurant

Day 3 (Jan 27th)

Snorkel with manatees at Homosassa river
Optional trip to the Homosassa wildlife preserve


This trip includes 2 nights accommodations at the Bella Oasis hotel. Free continental breakfast is included. Rates based on double person occupancy.

The price for this manatee adventure is $250 plus tax per person.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to book your spot.

View more photos of our manatee trips

Discover the wonderful world of the manatees in Crystal River, Florida.


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Saturday, 25th of August 2012

Baby loggerhead sea turtle during tropical storm Isaac
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