Squid color change
  Cephalopods such as this caribbean reef squid can quickly change the color of their skin to blend in with their environment.  

Squid arms and tentacles
  Squids have eight arms and two long tentacles which they use to capture their prey. The inside of their arms are equipped with suckers that allow the squid to firmly hold on to its prey.  

Squid eggs
  While filming a caribbean reef squid, I reached out my hand to interact with the it. Much to my surprise, the squid deposited a package of eggs on my hand. Read about this encounter in the Explorer's Journal.  

Squid have three hearts
  Squids have three hearts. Two branchial hearts feed blood to the gills and a third systemic heart pumps blood around the body.  

Octopus feeding habits
  In order to feed, an octopus will use the webbing between its eight arms to cover an area of the reef in a tent-like manner. The octopus will then use its arms to reach underneath the tent and capture the prey trapped inside its mantle. This feeding method is known as tent-feeding.  

Viper moray eel
  There are approximately 800 species of eels in the world. Many eels, such as this viper moray, are primarily ambush predators. They hide in the recesses of the reef awaiting any potential prey, such as an octopus or fish, to travel nearby.  

  • Squid color change
  • Squid arms and tentacles
  • Squid eggs
  • Squid have three hearts
  • Octopus feeding habits
  • Viper moray eel
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